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The president received his largest applause of the night when he pledged his support for gun ownership, even though he has repeatedly said he is seriously Mancheester several changes to tighten gun restrictions following a police shooting in Pennsylvania, and two deadly mass shootings in Ohio and Texas in recent weeks.

In 10 years, the AIDS epidemic will be eradicated. So great. Who thought that was going to be happening?

Who thought I would be able to get to say that? When Trump briefly mentioned Rep. Ilhan Omar D-Minn.

He has repeatedly clashed with Omar and a group of progressive, first-year lawmakers in Nfw weeks, after making racist statements about. Earlier Thursday, Israeli leaders barred Omar from the country after Trump lobbied them to deny her entry.

As Trump was laying out his electoral map, he shared a story about Michigan, a state he narrowly won in I said how come? The president has previously used this anecdote in speeches, though it is unclear whether Trump ever received that award.

I mean it's sort of obvious right? Mexico now has 32 percent of our car business. It all left.

We are bringing it back at a level that nobody's ever seen. The Trump campaign views New Dith as another battleground state in the general election.

Clinton won New Hampshire inand the president is making a play to turn it red in the next election. They spend millions. You remember the first slogan from our opponents?

We have to make a decision. Because, look, our country is doing great. Trump immediately walked over to the edge of the stage and motioned for someone to hand him their hat.

Everyone cheered some. And yet Trump was apparently unconvinced. Minutes later, he asked the arena for more input.

Thank you. Even so, Trump went on to deliver an address that was pure MAGA, and his supporters responded with their own balloon fetish women from that era.

A chant that reflected the present, the reality—the minimal progress on a wall beyond replacing fencing whose funding, in Hzmpshire cases, was appropriated during the Obama years and whose future will depend on money repurposed under a national emergency, the call for which was decidedly un-emergency-like in that it came after two years of failed attempts to secure funding through Congress—would likely not have the same ring.

Instead, rally-goers could remind themselves what it once felt like to nurse visions of a big, beautiful barrier, uncomplicated by the troubles of bringing it to life.