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Ways to turn a guy on while kissing I Want Sexy Meeting

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Ways to turn a guy on while kissing

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Sometimes when I kiss a man, especially for the first couple of times, I feel like a fish riding a bicycle: I think a huge part of that for me when it comes to kissing a man is where to put my hands as we get hot and heavy.

I know all of the different places I love to be touched and caressed during a nice makeout session, but fuy seems weird to assume that all of those places will also work on a biggest shemale cocks. By and large my kissing skills change depending on who I'm kissing.

However, I'm dating a bald man, and while I love to grope at his scalp when we kiss sounds weirder than it actually is, I promise Wxys also still find myself more than a year out exploring his head, face, neck and torso, looking for spots to touch him when we're kissing. In my continuing quest to be the best darn pervert I can be, I decided to cut out the middle man and stop randomly groping my boyfriend in an thoroughly unsexy way.

I decided to ask guys where men like to be touched when they're kissing, and they were very happy to tell me. One wanted to show me, because guys are gross, but that's another story for wqys day.

So if you've ever wanted to know where to touch a man when you're making out, read on! Follow Us.

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