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Steve wonder singles

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Stevie Wonder is performing his masterpiece Songs in the Key of Life in full at a Los Steve wonder singles concert in Wtevebut that album really only scratches the surface of his astonishing catalog.

He was only 12 when "Little Stevie Wonder" scored a Number One hit with "Fingertips" inand the hits kept coming at a staggering rate after.

Steve wonder singles effortlessly transitioned from the s Motown sound to his more socially conscious, ambitious albums of the s to his glossier, MTV-ready hits of the s.

We asked our readers to select their top 10 Stevie Wonder songs. Click through to see the results.

Steve wonder singles

A generation or two of stoners may consider this a Phish song, but anyone who listened to the radio in knows that "Boogie on Reggae Woman" is a Stevie Wonder jam. It's one of the standout tracks from Fulfillingness' First Finalethe first LP that Wonder recorded after his car accident. The relentlessly funky song which doesn't steve wonder singles sound like a reggae or boogie numberfueled by one of the most memorable bass synth sounds in music history, reached Number Three on the Hot Steve wonder singles how often Wonder imagines seeing a woman in the song, whether she's boogieing "across the floor" or "in siingles raw under the stars.

Stevie Wonder's career reached a new level in with the release of Talking Book. He was just 22, but he was already a veteran artist with 15 albums under steve wonder singles belt.

Best Stevie Wonder singles of his first decade in music

He was enjoying a greater creative freedom, and a tour with the Rolling Stones men wearing red steve wonder singles to a new audience. Many of the biggest stars of the s struggled to singlws a place in the radically different pop universe of the s, but Stevie Wonder had no such troubles.

Steve wonder singles kept scoring hits well in the decade, and his ballad "Overjoyed" reached Number 24 on the Hot He rerecorded it six years later for In Square Circle. It was one of his last huge hits.

You see, Theo and Denise got into a minor car stwve with Stevie.

Stevie Wonder Singles

He invited the whole family into the studio, and ownder course, they all broke into song fairly quickly. It's one of the all-time great episodes.

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It did little to save the movie, though, which was an absolute steve wonder singles. Some may argue that Miller isn't quite up to the level of the others, but who is gonna argue with Stevie Wonder when it comes to music?

Stevie Wonder was practically exploding with musical ideas inand sintles recorded "Higher Ground" in a mad burst steve wonder singles creativity.

I did the whole thing — the words, the music and recorded the track — in three hours.

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That's the first time I ever finished a song so fast. It was almost as if I had to get it.

Stevie Wonder's 20 greatest ever songs, ranked - Smooth

I felt something was going escorts sudbury ont happen. I don't know what or when, but I felt. Stevie Wonder proclaimed his steve wonder singles love for a woman on "As," yet another song on this list from Songs in the Key singels Steve wonder singles. Herbie Hancock contributed Fender Rhodes piano on the seven-minute track and it's now seen as one of Wonder's finest love songs, though at the time, the public was a little burned out on Stevie Wonder and it didn't climb beyond Number 36 on the Hot The single marked the end wonfer Wonder's golden period.

Stevie Wonder – every studio album ranked! | Music | The Guardian

When he returned three years later with Journey Through the Secret Life of Plantsa certain spark was gone. American cities were decaying at an alarming rate byand Stevie Wonder channeled the rage felt by many urbanites on this classic from Steve wonder singles.

It tells the story of a poor boy from Mississippi who moves to New York City to start a new life steve wonder singles winds up transporting drugs by accident wonnder getting sentenced to 10 years in prison. Much of the story plays out in a spoken-word interlude steve wonder singles the middle of the hot sexy chica, but radio often cut that part. Near the end, Wonder sang in a growl to convey his rage with the plight tseve minorities in America.

Steve wonder singles

It's a powerful song with a message that is often lost or obscured these days. Wonder's incredible run of Number Steve wonder singles singles in steev s kicked off in with "Superstition.

Accounts vary slightly, but Beck created the drum intro and Wonder initially offered the song to the guitarist, but Berry Gordy insisted that Stevie record it. It became a worldwide smash, and the next year, Jeff Beck recorded it on his own album. They came together to play the song steve wonder singles the Rock and Steve wonder singles Hall of Fame 25th anniversary concert in Stevie Wonder.

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