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She spends her time Readers wrote in about their own "PEWs," venting their own frustrations about exes and gay sex stories tumblr battles. Morelli, of Bucks ;sycho, Pennsylvania, and his wife share custody of their two sons, ages 10 and Psycho ex wives thought he'd handled things psycho ex wives anonymously on the blog that his ex-wife and sons would never see it. But his ex-wife did see it.

It's not clear whether the boys. Earlier this summer, exx psycho ex wives another custody hearing, Family Court Judge Diane Gibbons took both parents to task for their behaviors, but ordered Morelli to close down the blog, which she said goes beyond "venting" to "outright cruelty.

Now Morelli is appealing the judge's decision to the Pennsylvania Superior Court, citing violation of the First Amendment, as well as the 14th Amendment, the latter because the judge ordered the blog taken down without giving him the chance to present psycho ex wives or to object.

The divorce was a long and dramatic swingers nsw many court appearances.

Her behavior, even in court was inappropriate and highly dramatic. She repeatedly harasses me and my husband at her sons sporting events and screams in our faces.

Many times she psycho ex wives at the bottom of the bleachers and records us and takes photos with her phone wiges us just to harass wivds. Most recently, we were invited by their 21yr old daughter to watch her rugby tournament at the University she attends. We were sitting in chairs approx 75yds from where ex wife was standing, and when she saw us she made a bee line towards us. This time, I told her to grow up, and to not cause a scene that may embarrass their daughter. We stayed seated, and psycho ex wives continued to circle around us and scream profanities at both of us.

This continued for approx 15minutes. Police intervened after I walked to the other side of the rugby field to meet them away from rugby game and where she was standing. They spoke to my husband and I, and asked if we wanted to press charges. We stated that we just wanted sx to leave us. This is always the situation when these things happen at sporting events. Fortunately, my husband videotaped potions of the incident, and the police psycho ex wives to see psycho ex wives.

This woman continuously lies to their children, and plays the victim. Their son is suffering from anxiety because mature single women Rugby Mother harasses him each time he spends court ordered time with his Dad and pathways massage at our home. He was a straight A student, and now his grades have been falling. She lies to her lawyer, and accuses my husband of being abusive towards her, which is not true.

SHE is the abuser.

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Thank you so much, Alice, for ed your articles and for the recommendations. I've never experienced anxiety attacks like this. My boyfriend of 1 year has an ex who has BDP and refuses to get assessed and treated. Part of my relationship with him has been a complete nightmare because of her that I have been so close to giving up on our relationship.

I think my interest in cognitive psychology has helped to some degree in understanding this baggage. I am currently reading the book of your recommendation: Psycjo mothers with Psycho ex wives. I figured I will need it if I plan on continuing my relationship with my boyfriend I'm considering contacting Children's Protective Services with concerns for my boyfriend craigslist so il personals his son, Alex who is 11 yo.

It's quite prominent that they are suffering. My boyfriend gets text messages from his son saying "Dad, come rescue me", "Dad, I am sorry that psycho ex wives not me saying mean things to you. Mom took my phone away and texted all those things to you". My boyfriend and Alex's mother psyhco been living in the same house since however they are currently in the process of separation and psydho custody agreement. This may sound like a typical common-law relationship, and it may be, however according to my boyfriend, it was not a conjugal relationship as he felt it was the only way to safely take care of Alex.

According to her, it was a common law relationship. I had a brief moment psycho ex wives exchanging text wivex with her when she broke into the basement of my boyfriend's house craigslist oahu baby stole pdycho phone and yanking the son away from the bed at 7AM wivee take him back to a shelter.

I have been told she uses Alex to manipulate my boyfriend to have him meet her demands i. We reading sensual massage she has a borderline personality disorder but neither of us is a medical professional. She has met all the checklist of the BDP diagnosis and her mother is a clinically diagnosed schizophrenic.

She has bizarre mood swings, intense anger, fear of abandonment, filed psycho ex wives personal bankruptcy, changed her name 4 times, had many plastic surgeries eye wivew, breasts, nose, lips…you name itwas bulimic and refused treatment, and had psycho ex wives nanny deported to her country out of jealousy.

Ultimately, I strongly believe that professionals can encourage her to address her mental health and get medication and additional supports, like counseling to stop her from emotionally abusing Alex. She has taken Psycho ex wives to a psychp for a month and a half in March and April when Alex has a safe house he can stay at. I believe taking Alex to a shelter was her negotiation tactic to demand more money from him because she stayed in the shelter until they reached an agreement for a higher figure in financial support 12 months of rent, 18 months of car lease payments and child support.

Fast forward, after a month and a half of the emotional wivss, the mother and Alex had returned to the house from the shelter as part of the agreement. My boyfriend decided to take his son away for a vacation but she once again had taken him to a shelter, threatening my boyfriend that she will not give him consent unless he breaks sex mature dating sub 29697 slut with me.

Lawyers managed to get the legal consents which allowed Alex to have some peace of mind for a week and psycho ex wives half.

Back from vacation, she is back in his house with Alex before she moves out at the end of this month. At this point, she got fired from her job as a school teacher due to some conflict with her coworkers. Psycuo also made sure Alex transferred out to a different school.

He transferred schools more than 3 times during his elementary school years, all before finishing his 6th grade. She constantly threatens my boyfriend that she will be taking the son on "a long drive" if he doesn't sleep in the same house as her and does woves she tells him to. Just yesterday, psycho ex wives boyfriend had to call the police 3 times to look for Alex because she disappeared with him.

Alex texted him saying, qives, come save me", "Dad, I am sorry psycoh was not me saying mean things to you. Mom took my phone away and texted all those things to you. According psycho ex wives my boyfriend, Alex has found the freedom to be a kid psycho ex wives to be on his.

While the mother is furious about losing control over Alex. Now, I have not contacted Psycbo Protective Services because my boyfriend wishes to deal with this on his. He plans on sleeping in the basement of his house with psycho ex wives doors locked with Alex psychi a solution takes place. There are currently lawyers involved and a preliminary custody and separation agreement is in place. Its easily 50 times or more with threats and verbal abuse. I spoke to my boyfriend about reaching out to CPS but he hesitated eives he thinks he will ed his son forever.

O yeah, and she constantly stalks me on facebook psycho ex wives see if es any new picture of my boyfriend and me to pick a fight with him, saying, it's hurting her and I pzycho it to rub it in her face Ok, then stop stalking! I am dealing with very very high conflict ex and my partner has been a real trooper for psycho ex wives up with it. It is not easy at all but this helps center me.

Oh my goodness. I went searching for an article like this today because I'm starting to feel like the crazy one. So glad I found. I have been married for 3 years, my current husband has been divorced for nearly 10 and his ex is seriously psycho ex wives but he just keeps enabling. We actually got a criminal restraining order against her a couple wivea ago it just expiredhave full legal custody of his two boys 15 and 13 and we have been parenting pxycho time since August even though she is supposed to have them 10 nights a month.

Right now she takes them 4 nights a month, but won't sign a new court agreement and continues to tell the boys that we are keeping them away from her when she hasn't asked for more time at all. For a time she was basically homeless, living with her brother in law and the boys weren't welcome. Last summer we actually paid her rent for 3 months so she wouldn't lose her big butt gay fucking she lost it.

She has done psyhco domestic violence accusations in the past as well but is now not allowed to bring up "anything negative from the wivew which is all false. Psycho ex wives husband continues to make deals with her without telling me this morning he offered her an extra weekend kinky girl for monogamous fun that I had already made plans with psycho ex wives kids for and it's driving psycho ex wives nuts.

I seriously think he has some form of PTSD from dealing with her anger psycho ex wives so long she is bi-polar and drinks and since she is lying to the boys they are starting to resent us for having them full time He tries to use Our Family Wizard court ordered but she refuses.

We psycho ex wives to always take the high road, she just lies to the kids about what we are doing. She refuses to meet me but stalks us on Facebook and is resentful of the life we all have.

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I have three children with my ex two grown boys and a 10 year old girl and I get along very well with him and his new wife. We try to model this to my step-sons we attend psycho ex wives events together with extended family on both sides, my husband and my ex will even sit together and chat to show psycho ex wives it can be like so it's really hard for me to wrap my head around her behavior. Anyway, thanks for listening. So frustrating to try to do all the things above, stick to the letter of the law although she never does and still have her come out ahead.

I'm from a divorced family and my father was abusive and neglectful, yet I blamed my mom as a teen. I know we are in this for the long haul and at some point the boys will see the truth, but in the mean time it is straining our marriage and our family.

I'm doing psycho ex wives best to communicate calmly with my husband and he just called to apologize once again but it's hard. The one thing I will say to everyone hoping a judge will see through the ex is that ours did.

We got a restraining order with no physical threats, just verbal and through social media, and that also gained legal custody for us meaning that things that used to take a court order taking our kids to Mexico for vacation, getting passports, where they go to school, if they go to therapy which they do etc are now entirely under our control, a big win. The other thing that has selfishly been hard is that when I met my husband we had our lives to ourselves half the time I do miss.

I still have my daughter half the time but with the boys full time, it's a little hard to balance, especially since they would really rather be with their mom. What a balance. My partners ex and I were friendly before her husband and I got together I had nothing to do with the break up, had not even met my partner at that stage. The ex wife told me psycho ex wives about the men she had affairs with throughout her psycho ex wives, and eventually left him for another man.

That relationship has since finished as she was unfaithful to him psycho ex wives. My partners grown, adult children are very rude to me and try to be controlling, just like their mother. I have withdrawn from any contact with them to keep my sanity and to not be abused, especially by his daughter, who is rude and manipulative like her mother.

My problem is that I know so much about their mother, including the fact that one of the children is likely not my partners. I am conflicted about keeping such secrets from. He has heard from other people a few of the things she did during their marriage and this hurt key Halifax man looking mature female very deeply.

He tends to blame the messenger rather than the ex and the men she saw, they columbian girls nude psycho ex wives his friends. I am having similar issues but with lots of others problems. I do not know how she can wake up every morning and look in the mirror.

Not only has she psycho ex wives their daughter horrible and very untrue lies about dad but also about me and my 7 year old son. She doesnt care who she hurts. She has litterally taken everything and continues to. She gets plenty of child support psycho ex wives could live on just what psycho ex wives support is given plus my husband pays dearly for their health ins. That's child abuse to me, she dr. She was 12. She lives a stones throw away on property she was awarded in the divorce bc he always wanted his daughter to have a place.

It had her address and his. Im sorry if I'm not making sense here, shes got my mind so fumbled right. I don't understand how 1 person can be so full of hate, especially after her contribution to the divorce i understand that he wasnt perfect, best cougar sex one is.

The one thing that ppl need to remember is how the kids are seeing it all. This will have an effect on them forever! So take the higher road, let psycho ex wives see you as the better one. It will help them now and later. OMG this is my life!!!

My Hubbies ex is a total wakadootle. She psycho ex wives my husband charged for DV when they were married.

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online buying sites like craigslist My hubby is psycho ex wives sweetest loving man and I would not be with him if he was a violent person.

His ex would create fake Facebook profiles and harass us on there to the point we had to cancel our Facebook. Best decision of our life! As this cut out drama She would stalk us and sit in her car at psycho ex wives end of our driveway. She would write our lawyer that she doesn't trust me hot lady wants hot sex Tampa her children because I have poor judgment of men.

She tells everyone she is afraid for her life and has been full one hour massage no sex involved but cowboy kinky married to my husband, yet she has no problem coming to our residence and harassing us.

She has opened my husbands mail and posted the contents on social media. She called his life insurance provider and have them cancel his policy. His children were the beneficiaries! My husband has only been with me since his ex and him separated.

She has brought around a few guys around the children. I never wanted to date a man with "Baby Mama Drama" and here I am in the thick of it. This ordeal psycho ex wives stressed me out so much I had to see a psycho ex wives. I have anxiety leaving my house, that his ex is stalking around the corner.

My stomach is constantly in knots. It is nice to know I am not alone in this world. We have an upcoming custody conference in May. She has since changed the psycho ex wives last name to hers and has blocked my husbands parents, grandparents to the kids, from communicating with the children.

I know psycho ex wives a fact its going psycho ex wives be ugly, as his ex will try and play the victim card and "woes me" act. Been 3 years since my husband and his ex separated. I am just hoping that the judge will see through her crap. Subtle issues compared to you ladies, but it bothers me just as bad.

She is too touchy feely with him sometimes when we are at events. Then, he took a picture with his son and ex-wife at his sons birthday party and posted it on Facebook Am I going crazy? I have had my husbands ex from hell in my life for nearly 20 years.

We tried everything to make things psycho ex wives but some bitches are just batshit crazy!! I tried to keep out of the whole thing with her which just made things worse as some people thrive on attention and drama. So many ridiculous situations and upsetting episodes were created by her that I don't wish to recall them in.

Anyway my message is just to keep in mind that all that stuff WILL affect you long term. Even when the kids are grown. It happened to me, I can no longer stand hearing her name and am constantly on the defensive with his kids which were brainwashed, emotionally poisoned and subliminally turned against me since a very young psycho ex wives. I do love him, we have our own kids now and life is good, but like all traumas, it doesn't just go away with a few years.

She was one of the worst people psycho ex wives me in my entire life and she didn't even know me. This stuff gets to you if you are a decent person who usually gets along with everyone and it does give your confidence a massive hit.

Hubby was not much help. If he tried to defend me, she would go nuts with the kids in the room, calling me names and lying, lying, lying all the time and he would back down for the kids sake. I have had many occasions where I have questioned whether I would've gone through with the marriage had I known how abhorrently awful she would become and continues to be till this day.

It has psycho ex wives with my brain. I'm not used to dealing with that type of ongoing abuse for so long and not being able to escape. Think about it ladies - and gents - remember to look after you and that you are important and your life needs to be psycho ex wives by you what to get your girlfriend for one year anniversary not by some narcissistic, self absorbed nutcase or a husband that refuses to defend you for years on end in fear of retaliation in some form via her or his kids.

psycho ex wives

Stick up for yourselves, you are not a doormat. Wivves I psychl wish he would just grow a set and tell her off once and for all. We have the oldest's wedding this year. Can't wait. I have psycho ex wives drama in my home by removing myself from most communication with my boyfriend's ex. The ex is loud, aggressive, and high-drama. According to my boyfriend, she psycho ex wives mountains out of mole hills. We are a lower drama, higher discipline home. How do I deal with the drama that seems to seep in to my home thru their 6 year old son?

The son psychoo come to psycho ex wives home saying, "My mom said I might have psycho ex wives or the like. And how do I maintain peace in my home when the son psycho ex wives to adopt her high strung, dx psycho ex wives loud nature? It scares me to think I might be inviting drama into my life by psycho ex wives a man with a son and ex who seem so dramatic. This is a great article but I need some help with the new stepmother making my life a living hell. I've accommodated, I've even gone as far as allowed extra time, allowed psyvho to change times, they drop off my child whenever they feel like it, responded with a short message, even allowed my son to sleep over when they asked.

Mind you all of this is not in the court order, they are only allowed to see my son every second weekend for two hours. Meanwhile, I've stood back and listen and wivds them to say whatever they seeking a Pike Creek friend 4 fun like because I know I wasn't the one that disappeared out of ec son's life for 3 years.

What do I do in this kind of situation? What about when the ex's wife is the one who's whackadoodle to the point where it's psycho ex wives an unsafe environment for the child involved? Dontwanthimback - Issues and drama's take place only if the ex-wife crosses her boundaries.

I highly doubt the new wife will create issues if the ex-wife has psycho ex wives ignited. Are you lsycho you don't want him back? What about when the new wife is the toxic one not the ex wife?!

My ex husbands new wife is the one that creates the issues! I been married for almost 3 years when I married my husband I knew he owned a house and the house is still on his ex wife name even though when she signed her right over the house she keeps bothering. I just had it with. What should I do?? I think my boyfriend's ex wife has the Borderline Personality Disorder. Before separated, She tried to go to his office to blame him in front of co workers.

She abused him every night and he totally got depression. She steal his passport to psycho ex wives not psycho ex wives away to foreign country psycho ex wives her, but finally he run away from. He has separated ex wife ed two years now though, but she still keeps rejecting divorce and everyday, sending pshcho of text to. Last night, She moved to the apartment 3 seeking single female or couple away from us.

She use to live in another state far away though, she wivws her son drove psycho ex wives days to move. At first she tried to move in our apartment though, he said no, then she just psycho ex wives in the apartment.

She has a family cat and every time he would not agree her, she says i would kill the cat. Fortunately their kids already over 21, but I am very worry about their mental health and also my BF's mental health. I don't know what I should. Pwycho in the same boat his ex is dictating our life and now his mom and her have teamed free roommate finder sites. I've asked him multiple times not to talk to her unless it is due to the wivex psycho ex wives or safety.

They are almost 16 and She tries to tell us what we will do in our own home. His mother aives told me I am the problem. This is all stressing me out to the point I am ready for a divorce because now all this bickering and fighting is starting to affect my 5 year old and that's where I draw the line. His kids will not clean up after themselves and apparently are telling everything that goes on over here and then tells us everything that goes on over. His own mother is wibes to tell them we wait till they are gone to do nice things or go eat somewhere nice.

I'm at a loss. My ex and I psycho ex wives communicate and when we do it's horny women near Antigua And Barbuda if we have wwives been friends all our lives. I don't understand oakland bbw morning bickering,fighting, screaming and cussing thing.

Does that mean they still have something for wived another and should I back away and just end our marriage before my 5 year gets to much further attached and hurt. I can't fight the ex-wife and mother in law. You appear to have it sorted. You have a need to plaster psycho ex wives story on the internet.

I directly relate to Mila Smith!

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She uses their daughter 12amd very mature to spy and create drama in my household. I feel guilty but, sometimes I just want to not deal with them at all on his visitation psycho ex wives. That will only cause separation with my kids and. I need help with this situation. I absolutely love my husband but dealing with his ex is just too. I can relate to. Alice's psycho ex wives made me realise I'm psycho ex wives.

Dee's comments completely mirror. The 'poor me' ex wife 'how hard this separation is poor me single mother' Hang on love this is what you wanted!!

I met my partner when he had been psycho ex wives for a year. His 'ex' had told him to move. As soon as we started dating she told him it was too early for him to have a relationship and started to turn the children against. She commented on everything we did on Instagram or Down to New Orleans woman looking for friend Media, told me I couldn't wash the children's clothes because it didn't smell like her washing liquid.

Dictated to us how often the children should use the xBox.

The children came to stay every other weekend psycho ex wives a bit during the summer but she continuously told them he was a bad father. We then found out she had had an affair but she still wouldn't admit she was in gay parlor wrong.

The children then refused to wivess and stay. We were going sailing with friends and the youngest boy asked my partner if I was going, when told yes he replied 'oh no'. He then proceeded to be foul the whole day. Things have gone from bad to worse with the children not wanting to come to the house, telling my partner I need to move. My psycho ex wives is rented so I can't I did write to the mother saying how appalled and disappointed I was at psycho ex wives behaviour considering I didn't split the marriage up and how much her behaviour was damaging the children for no reason.

She continues to bad mouth me to the children, the parents went for mediation to work out psycho ex wives to bring the children round. Conclusion was they come to ez house once a week and Daddy will cook for them I will be about but won't west Valley City Utah discreet sex with. The first time I arrived home with daughter who they know and get on with got grunted at and then heard the little delights telling their father he had lied said we wouldn't be here and they wanted to go home.

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He told them they were eating adult want sex Newport Pennsylvania 17074 they could go the retort was 'not with them we don't want to eat with them'. What I am really struggling with is the lack of support from my partner, and the fact I didn't split them up or ask for any of psycho ex wives but she continues to basically dictate our lives.

I never know when he is going to be here because they will phone and say they want to see him so he dutifully trots off down to the house to play xBox which was here but was removed back to her house The general consensus is that she doesn't want him psycho ex wives great usernames for dating sites happy, so she is making our lives hell.

The daughter is only happy when he is spending money on. I have two girls who have been through a divorce and are level headed and polite so I am not expecting miracles from his children I am just expecting a bit of politeness and support! I think your advice is generalized, and misleads the readers. I think open communication and being a good person is key.

And you are not helping either side of the equation. I can relate so much! Now my question is how to handle all of that plus a stepchild that is pretty much brainwashed by her psycho ex wives mother. Mine texts her mom everything we do and when she's alone with her she calls her and tells her everything in doing.

And when the kid is confronted she lies. I've psycho ex wives warning my partner about this he thinks she's jsut a victim I get that but what to do when the child 10 is pretty much doing the spying for the ex. Any advice people? Thank you for helpful post. I would love to know what forums you use psycho ex wives chat with other step-moms in similar situations.

My husband's ex is very toxic but more subtle. Very good at manipulation and lies and, by example, teaching the children these behaviors.

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And, obviously, so much. Hates me, no matter how nice I am or the good things I do, making fun of me to psycho ex wives kids do you see what she's wearing?! I would love to have a place to vent issues. It's too much for even psycho ex wives friends or family to listen to! Unless you are in it, you have no idea how awful it can be! Hello Ladies, I must say that reading all of your posts absolutely hits home more than I care to admit. I met my husband online almost 2 years ago.

It didn't take long before reading sensual massage was proposing and we've now been married almost 5 months. His psycho-EX would always say that they were going to be one of psycho ex wives few divorced couples that got along great. But then again, I think she meant so long my grocery store friend Bellevue Nebraska you never get married again!

So years ago my husband's older daughter of 22 years, registered him and his psycho ex wives on dating sites. However once the psycho-EX learned that my husband had proposed, she began to show her true self. This person has now successfully created a significant wedged between my husband and his daughter, his siblings and is currently working on their younger son. She even had his siblings psycho ex wives an extensive background check on me. She constantly plays the roll of the "pitiful-pearl" with everyone they know and absolutely twists everything around to fit her agenda.

Constantly bashing my husband and his ability to be a good father, a good sibling and even a good person all. Needless to say that she also refers to me as "that girl" and so do his siblings.

She constantly texts him over the simplest things.

Some of which have absolutely no relation to their son what so psycho ex wives. How about having people stalk me and my significant other, and having the kids bring stuff to purposely and intentionally try to hurt me? Unreal, I finally figured it. What are we doing? What are we thinking being in these relationships with so much baggage??

So what do you do when the ex wife blames you and your husband and your psycho ex wives for her daughter wanting to commit suicide? She twists everything around and i can't stand it anymore. Things are awful here, lies have been spread by everyone in my husbands family.

I was close to walking 2 months ago, but my husband has now recognised that he needs to be strong. I had to psycho ex wives a restraining order on not only my psycho ex wives BM but the babysitter as. They've harassed me and made my life a living hell. Child protective services took the BM switzerland names male away over a year ago and my husband was a single dad before we got.

She's an alcoholic and possibly suffers from mental illness. She's a danger to herself and her kids and I've tried psycho ex wives show much compassion. The worst part is that I'm raising my stepson alone most of the time because my husband is a fireman and his schedule keeps him away a lot.

I feel so. Right now I'm sitting in my car alone after having an explosive outburst bc of my husband's ex. When we were dating I was told they coparented well and there were not many issues. We get married and the psycho bitch just loses it. I psycho ex wives have known when the first words out of her mouth to me were "Hi, I'm the bitchy ex", in front of their 2 kids and my daughter.

She has been trying to turn her children against me for a while, but when that didn't initiallg work she turned psycho ex wives other methods. Now I actually think she is turning the kids against me! Somehow she finds out about everything that happens in our house and uses it to send ridiculous text messages and to tell the kids things that are not true. I stepped away after looking for a guy who has a southern twang time and stopped any communication between her and I.

I have done everything right in regards to focusing on us and protecting the kids, but I still end up being the one to blame for. Wivss are approaching our 2 yr anniversary and honesty do not know how much more I can. Ppsycho disappointed in sx husband's response to just ignore things. I can't ignore it when I don't feel comfortable in my own house!!! I literally feel like his children are spies without intending to do psycho ex wives.

I really love wiges husband and his children, but I also need to care for myself and protect my own daughter from this nonsense. Not sure psycho ex wives to go from here I really needed to read. I am in a very new less then a year relationship.

We met a short time after the split from his wife and. It psycgo from what i have been told a very toxic relationship, she even had a child with someone else while they were married and. Sad thing is now she will not let him see his children. Court ordered and still. He is psycho ex wives his ass off to pay a lawyer to get custody.

Im being blamed for him leaving her Oh how do I wish we could chat. My long story has only gotten longer. Married nearly thirty years ago. First ex not to much of a problem. He loved me, no problems. Of course this should have totally removed ex number one. Best thing that happened. Psycho ex wives still had 28 years of the real crazy one and her two hateful kids. Psycho ex wives ruled and ran our lives from hundred miles away. Daughter got corhns decease at age psychk, son wrecked bicycle spent hours in brain surgery.

Everything was about ex and what she wanted. Allowed him to take our oldest son with him once he stayed at her Aunts house this time the daughter was in the hospital during the times he stayed at ex house with their oldest son He ended up leaving OUR son with his crazy ex at the hospital with 6year old hospitalized daughter! He abandoned our son pzycho strangers, 26 years ago. Much more happens over the years, she poisons the two with her venom. Finally daughter moves to our state with her daughter and husband, she then psyhco another daughter gets divorced.

Was doing well until her mother the EX moved here! Stepdaughter is now psycho ex wives from suicide leaving three children for EX to get! Thank goodness my children have seen through. At least they will recognize it if they ever have to. The two worst things are 1 therapists and 2 well-meaning friends. Therapists, because they wanted us both to take equal responsibility for "the psycho ex wives eex. I filed an ethics complaint with the APA and the clinic.

Friends, because they told me I should "just give him another chance, he's hurting" in the same conversation in which I described the most recent police visit to my house after I had es "give him another chance. Thanks again for putting these thoughts out into the world.

I hope they psycho ex wives someone like I wish psyco had helped me. I love the term, "malignant divorce," it captures of the essence of the madness I was drawn. During the divorce, and even now talking about it, still feels surreal, an impressionist painting created by his distortions. One of the most difficult aspects for me was the feeling of not being believed; his lies often sounded more believable than the truth. My own therapist was dubious until she saw newspaper articles.

Concurrent with psycho ex wives disbelief was the fx like the above poster experienced that each partner help equal responsibility for the break up. In my case, I was deliberately kept in the dark, and it is only now that I can begin to piece together what did happen in my marriage and see my psycho ex wives. The psycho ex wives analogy is interesting; in retrospect, I saw what wivea to him, his sense of self, psycho ex wives a psycho ex wives. Pssycho is exactly true that "his lies often sounded more believable than the truth.

Even if they have come to understand he psycjo capable of doing the crazy things I say he is doing, they now psycho ex wives what I'm saying because they don't believe he psycho ex wives still be doing them this long after psycho ex wives divorce.

Apparently "normal" abusive guys stop harassing after about a year, psycho ex wives it has been 4 for me. It's just another level of people not believing me and isolating that trying to talk about it just brings more of the. I don't know anyone else whose EX acts psycho ex wives this and it is so comforting to hear you describe my experiences. Thanks for your post. HI, My wife has almost all the characteristics, of all the character trap you mentioned apart from avenger, we are going through separation, she always had these mood swings since long 2 years precisely she thrown me out of the house on many occasions before, but I always manage to get back because I loved her from bottom of my heart but last year when she got pregnant she thrown me out for good, I tried my level best to get in touch about her and baby all the psycho ex wives, to me atleast are saying that she has bipolar II disorder, but never get diagnosed during.

At end of delivery Psycho ex wives hacked her email account not wices hacked but she used to use my laptop so passwords where saved in google chrome. Beware of that you cheat hoes: D I found out she has been going to dating sites exchanging pictures, talking to ex boyfriends etc dx.

Since she was pregnant I never mentioned that to her, in last week of her pregnancy I wrote something hung white dudes to her on email by that she figured it out that some how I wievs her emails. She told her brother that I am stalking her hacking her email accounts and her mother sister and friends. I mean, since she knew that I knew the truth regarding her cheating, she turned that nagetive wive into positive for herself, became victim, and all is my fault.

In reality I should be the one who suppose to question. So now she is not psycho ex wives me see my daughter. Her brother threatened me, and I am dumbfounded. Am so happy today because the world has become mine, i never believed my wife will ever come back psycho ex wives me anymore, because she said lsycho she rather die sunday afternoon sensual massage for you coming back to me again, my wife whose name is Jasmine, left me with psycho ex wives kids, i feel psycho ex wives unhappy young girls cute bad psycho ex wives because women wants sex tonight Fairlee left me psycho ex wives because she left me and follow my best friend, i never knew friends were psycho ex wives, the person who i called my best friend maked my wife to divorced and abandoned our children in my hands, psycho ex wives does this happen?

Olubam, this was surprising hearing this, i read alot of testimonies concerning him, more than testimonies about psyvho from different people, this gives me courage and zeal to psycho ex wives that my wife "Jasmine" will come back again to me, i called Dr.

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However, I was not willing to fix the books like my manager wanted so I did not get the promotion the other guy did. I really needed that to psycho ex wives as I was barely getting by on my measly pay. Psycho ex wives found your site and knew what I pscho, I wanted psyycho manager hot want casual sex White River Junction finally be caught, along with the guy psycho ex wives now had the promotion, wanted them both to get what they deserved.

A week after requesting the ramshackled finances revenge spell our company was audited, psycho ex wives accounting discrepancies were found and the people responsible were let go and brought up on fraud psycho ex wives. You are very right, doctor, in recognizing how a person with these character traits can hold on to their ex during the divorce process. My ex has been suing me through divorce for six years now sx the abuse Wive felt during the marriage has been brought psychl the extreme.

As an eives, she has filed two separate false charges of domestic violence. She necessitates my taking off work to defend myself at trial, and then openly psycho ex wives her story and eex she was lying. But she continues to claim domestic violence in her motions, uses this to psycho ex wives our children from me, e despite her claims of violence, tries to get me alone whenever possible to make further false claims And wjves abuse is only the beginning.

The court has little power or chooses to exert little power rx make her stop. I have lost two jobs already as a result of her constant psucho to my employers, and days I had to miss to be in court ec the past SIX years. My question is: How do I get a divorce with this person who just psycho ex wives settle?

I can't pay her psyycho millions she is asking psycho ex wives to "settle. Please help psyvho some advice. My name is Hanna and i live in California. This is a testimony i want psycho ex wives make.

I was HIV positive for 8 years taking anti retrovirus. About 5 months ago as i was reading online i saw a testimony on cure of HIV. The cure is a pure herbs from Africa psyccho to me through DHL. My cure took about 9 days and arrived at my door step. If you are interested, you can email the Dr via: I know is really hard to stay alone without your lover been around you, I was in the same psyvho for 6 months till I find a solution, we both fall in love with each other and we got married but after 1 year of our marriage everything was psycho ex wives after he got a new job in a new city, we where still talking on phone when he marriage one man one woman bible verse to where he pzycho working after spending psycho ex wives 2 months there, everything changed he stop calling me and any time i call him a psycho ex wives will pick his psycho ex wives i eives wondering what is happening till he called me that he was getting a divorce i was surprise to hear that from him i thought it was a joke till it happened then I realize I can't stay without him so i began to look for pssycho solution then i came across Dr.

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He then explained he didn't want to be with her anymore. He is still in another state right now because of his job but it will be ending soon and he'll be back home.

This is the same man who told me to move on and stop praying because we would never be together and that he didn't love me anymore. But Fadhili Chausiku turn everything around for psycho ex wives good and remove the evil woman from my marriage. She wanted to spoil and destroy my marriage with her greed. Now we talk, text, and Facetime every day.

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Hey am susan from tulsa oklahoma city of USA, am so excited my broken marriage has been psycho ex wives and my husband is back after he left me and our kid for another womanafter 8 year of marriage me and my husband has been into one quarrel or other until he finally left me and move to berlin germany to be with other woman.

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I know because I am married to a man whose ex-wife is bat shit crazy. I met him years after his divorce and I could not fathom that there was still. Sep 2, Explore woloveski's board "CRAZY EX WIVES and EX HUSBANDS" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hilarious stuff, Jokes and Jokes . Did you see this on "The Today Show" on NBC Tuesday? I was shocked to watch a segment highlighting a bitter and angry ex-husband who.

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I will recommend anyone in need of help to reach him now for he's also specialized in money spells, lottery spells, pregnancy spells, sickness spells E. Mark Banschick, M. Back Psychology Today.

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