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Names of women in poland

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Ada Noble, nobility. Adelajda Noble.

Category:Polish female given names - Wiktionary

Adrianna Of Hadria. Agata Kind. Agnieszka Holy. Ala Truthful. Albinka White. Aldona Wise.

Names of women in poland

Aleksandra Defending men. Alicja Noble. Alina Bright one, Most beautiful woman. Alka Defender of mankind. Amelia Work. Anastazja Resurrection.

Angelika Angelic. Anita Grace. Antonina Priceless, inestimable or praiseworthy. Apolonia Destroyer, god of light, art, law. Augustyna Venerable.

Basia Womem Daughter.

Polish Girls Names: Popular Girls Names in Poland | Baby Name Wizard | Baby Name Wizard

Beata Blessed. Beatrycze Through life. Benedykta Blessed. Bianka White, shining. Blanka White. Boena Divine gift.

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Bogna Gods gift. Bogumia God-favor. Bogusawa God-glory. Bolesawa Large glory.

Bronisawa glorious protector. Brygita Strong. Cecylia Blind. Celestyn Heavenly. Celestyna Heavenly. Celina Warlike. Czesawa Honor and glory.

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Dagmara Joy of the land. Danica Morning star.

Names of women in poland I Look Teen Fuck

Danika Morning star. Danuta God is my judge.

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Daria Kingly or possess. Dobrosawa Good glory. Dominika Belongs to the Lord. Dorata Gift of God. Dorota Gift of God. Dyta Rich battle.

Edyta Rich battle. Ela God is my oath. Elbieta God is my oath.

Elena Shining light, or bright one. Eligia To choose. Eliza Pledged to God. Emilia Rival. Euzebia Nzmes. Ewa Life. Ewelina Uncertain, possibly desired. Felicja Lucky.

Felicyta Good luck. Filipina Lover of horses.

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Florentyna Womem or flowering. Franciszka French. Frania Free or from France. Fryderyka Peaceful. Frydryka Peaceful ruler. Gabriela Gods able-bodied one. Gabryjela Man of God or warrior of God. Genowefa Race of women. Gertruda Strength. Gosia Pearl. Gracja Agreeable. Grayna Beautiful.

Names of women in poland Search Sex Hookers

Halina Calm. Hanna Gods given gift to the world. Helena Bright, shining light. Henrieta Little home-ruler. Henryka Home-ruler. Hilaria Cherrful or merry.

Honorata Honor. Ina Queen.

According to the official data, top ten male and female names in Poland should not be as problematic to pronounce and understand as you may. AUGUSTYNA: Feminine form of Polish Augustyn, meaning "venerable." BEATA: Polish name derived from Latin beatus, meaning "blessed." BEATRYCZE. Polish Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in Poland from Namipedia, the Baby Name Wizard's naming encyclopedia.

Irena Peace. Iwona Yew tree.

Names of women in poland

Iza God is my oath. Izabela Consecrated to God. Izabella God is my oath. Izolda Ice battle. Jadwiga Battle maiden.

Women in Poland - Wikipedia

Jagoda Berry. Janina God is gracious. Jarosawa Spring glory.

Polish names given to female individuals. Category:Polish diminutives of female given names: Polish diminutive names given to female individuals. From Alina to Zotia, find a full list of Polish Girls names and their meanings online at Polandcom. Alina (Bright one, Most beautiful woman). Alka (Defender. Polish Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in Poland from Namipedia, the Baby Name Wizard's naming encyclopedia.

Joanka God is gracious. Joanna Helping to support them out of their own means. Jola Violet. Jolanta Violet.

Jolenta Flower. Jozefa God will add. Jozefina God will add. Judyta Praised. Julia Soft-haired, youthful.