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Is there a facebook app for wii

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Should Facebook be available for Wii U?

This would allow us to share achievements on Facebook just like Xbox Live and access Facebook directly from the console. And perhaps Facebook functionality on the Wii U will be better than that on Xbox Is this a good idea? If they nail facebook integration and other aspects of the system, Wii U can become even greater is there a facebook app for wii Wii.

Eventhough it would be nice, its not really needed. That is of course, if the Wii U's web broswer is actually good.

It wouldn't be necessary but would be a useful extra with minimal effort. There was that rumor about a whole marketplace of apps for the controller so if that was the case there would be a facebook app.

I personally would want a social network program worked into the console where you see game related posts, acheivements and such about facebooi the people on your friendlist.

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I would imagine no one on facebook would care faceboko I just got a new Metroid game but other Wii-U owners on my friendlist. Please Log In to post.

This topic is locked from further discussion. TyberZannxxxx Follow Forum Posts: SuperFlakeman Follow Forum Posts: Insure hope not I hate fb.

Guess I don't have to use it even if it is. I mean it's on other systems vita why not wiiu.

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Gamingclone Follow Forum Posts: Sepewrath Follow Forum Posts: With the high adaption of smartphones, I highly doubt the inclusion of Facebook will make even the slightest bit of difference. DealRogers Follow Forum Posts: I have enough FB in my PC and phone thanks.

Rod90 Follow Forum Posts: I think it's a. Not to share achievments I totally hate thatbut you should be able to have full access from the console and the controller.

Perhaps doing one thing on the TV screen and facebook on the controller. There will be an app for. AlmightyDerek Follow Forum Posts: Spinnerweb Follow Forum Posts: I don't care much for Facebook, but if they do put it in then, OK, fine.

Yes I want it like the PS3 does it where you buy something or get a trophy or download something it pops up on facebook. Bring back the main forum list.

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