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It settled a dispute between prosecutors, who said bigger bribes should lead to sharper penalties, and the court's probation office, which disagreed after concluding that the scheme caused no financial loss. US District Judge Indira Talwani sided with the probation office but said all factors will be considered in sentencing decisions.

The amount Huffman housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park is relatively low compared with other bribes alleged in the scheme. Prosecutors countered that Huffman knew the scheme was housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park but chose to participate. The Musician Spotlight Housewives wants casual sex NJ Green brook 8812 shines a light on up-and-coming bands and solo acts creating heartfelt and original work across genres, giving them an opportunity to talk about their music, their collaborators, and why they do what they.

Another Crush. Heather vocals, rhythm guitar was a practicing lawyer. Dave bass had an MBA and Taylor had been accepted to business school. Dave had the idea of creating a revival 90s alternative rock band, but a series of parallel tragedies made it something much deeper. They lost. Agent June Stahl was bisexual. Agent Amy Tyler was June's professional and personal partner during the third season.

Wendy realizes she likes women before season 4. Venus Van Dam is a transgender sex worker introduced in Season 5. Gemma is seen waking up next to different women on more than one occasion she also gets called out about it by Nero Padilla, who would later become her boyfriendindicating Gemma is bisexual.

He later refers to himself as "just gay enough".

Musician Spotlight Series: Another Crush » My Music | My Entertainment World

True Blood. Lafayette is a gay short-order cook, drug dealer and sex worker. Tara is Lafayette's cousin. After being involved with several men in the first three seasons, she fasual involved with a woman as of the premiere of Season 4. She later shows interest in a relationship with Pam. Eex is the brother of Sookie Stackhouse, and is shown housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park have multiple sexual dreams about men, though he never acts on it.

He's very likely bisexual or at housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park bicurious. Eric Northman is a pansexual hot white girls fucking and the sheriff of the vampires in his town.

He has multiple relations with males. Eddie is a gay vampire and former accountant, one of Lafeyette's clients. Steve Newlin starts out as the leader of an anti-vampire Christian ministry. He is made a vampire sometime between the end of season two and the end of Season 4, coming out to Jason Stackhouse as a "gay vampire American".

Jesus joined the series in Season 3 as Lafayette's love. He is a nurse at the nursing home where Lafayette's mother lives and a brujo male witch.

After being implied bisexual in Seasons 1 and 2, Pam is seen engaging in oral housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park with Yvetta in Season 3. David Finch housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park a hypocritical right-wing politician who was an occasional sex client of Lafayette's in Season 1. Fer is one of the main characters of the series. During Season 3, Fer falls for David, the new straight soccer punk at the school. David comes out of the closet and begins a relationship with Fer which becomes an emotional roller coaster ride for both characters over several seasons.

Their relationship touches on several teenage and LGBT issues such as black ladies hot sex problems, conversion therapy, and teen suicide. Alma has been in sexual relationships with both boys and girls, though she never confirmed her bisexuality. Lisa Loven Kaia Varjord.

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Lone begins a relationship with kitesurfer Heidi and the two eventually move to Cape Town. Legend of the Seeker. In the television series, Cara is portrayed as bisexual. In Treatment. Jesse, one of Dr. Paul Weston's patients, is an adopted teenager searching for his real parents.

Housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park the Bar. The No. The Prisoner. Jamie Campbell Bower Vincent Regan. Sebastian Stan Michael Arden. Joseph is Jack's clandestine boyfriend. Both are gay. Kurt Hummel is gay. Housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park the start of the series he was in the closet but he soon came out and became the only out-gay kid in William McKinley high school. Blaine Anderson was introduced in Season 2 as Kurt's love.

At the end of Season 4 it was revealed the Blaine wanted to propose to Kurt. Brittany is bisexual. In Season housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park, Santana admitted she was in love with Brittany and wanted to be with her, Brittany at the time was already in a relationship with Artie but by Season 3 Brittany and Santana were in a secret relationship. Santana is a lesbian. In Season 3 Santana was still closeted but following an argument with Finn Hudson she was forced to come.

Her parents and classmates were accepting but her grandmother took the news very badly. Brittany and Santana broke up in Season 4 but in Season 5 they met again, realized they still loved each other, and move in. Wade "Unique" Adams is a trans woman introduced in adult wants casual sex Coleridge Season 3. She only feels comfortable in woman's clothing. She auditioned for the part of Naked gay white men in Grease but her parents didn't want her to as they were scared it would increase the amount of bullying she received for being.

They also told her to only dress as a woman when she was at home or when performing in a competition. Dani was introduced in Season 5 as a love interest for Santana. Starchild was introduced in Season 5 as a member of Kurt's band. Kurt felt threatened by Starchild but they soon made up which resulted as a source of jealousy to Blaine.

Adam was a love interest of Kurt's introduced in Season 4, however, Kurt realized he was only with Adam to get over Blaine and so he ended it off-screen. David Karofsky was the bully who forced Kurt to move schools in Housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park 2. The reason for Karofsky's bullying was that was confused with his own sexuality.

How To Build A Relationship With A Guy

In Season 3 Karofsky transferred schools to avoid people finding out about his sexuality, however, someone from his new school saw him with Kurt on Valentine's Day and spread the gossip, leading to his subsequent attempted suicide. Chandler Kiehl is a boy who Kurt met at a music store in Season 3. Their bond caused Blaine to become paranoid and jealous and so Kurt told Chandler housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park they couldn't talk sexx.

Cody is a fake, bisexual, Santa. He seduced Kurt and then robbed Kurt, Rachel and Santana overnight.

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Hiram and Leroy Berry are Housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park gay dads. Sebastian Smythe is a member sex Dating Plaza Tennessee rival glee club, Dalton Academy Warbler's.

He wanted to be with Blaine, but Blaine rejected him as he loved Kurt too. Sebastian became a source of jealousy of Kurt's. C is the person Blaine cheated on Kurt with in Season 4. Jeremiah is an older guy who Blaine had a crush on in Season 2, however Jeremiah Prak him as it would have been illegal. Sandy Ryerson was the closeted coach of the McKinley Housewivees glee club before Rachel Berry caught him caressing student Hank Saunders, which led to him being fired.

He returned to the series as he helped Sue Sylvester try to stop the glee club. Elaine was paid by Santana to pretend to be her girlfriend to make Brittany jealous. Liz and Jan were a wanh couple who appeared at the end of Season 4. Jan proposed to Liz housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park at dinner with Blaine and Kurt, Liz accepted. Rick Dunham was a show choir director that Sue pushed down a flight of stairs to take his job.

The Vampire Diaries. Bill Forbes causal Caroline's father who divorced her mother after coming out as gay Season 3.

I just don't think that I could be the kind of actor I want to be and not be honest with myself. . Kapiolani Park, for you joggers, is just across the street, too. the issues your character is dealing with in the show — the drug use, casual sex? .. for a scene in group therapy in which suburban housewives discuss safe gay sex . This is a list of dramatic television series that feature lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Lindsay Crouse, Eddie was a gay male sex worker who becomes friends with Jess, Charlotte Coleman, Lesbian schoolgirl grows up in a repressive Lancashire John Fielding is a closeted doctor who casually dates Michael. Charlotte Street, shows that of 4, families only about 1 1 percent had lived there They saw families like Carmen's where there were no fathers. They encountered housewives who didn't understand the neighborhood codes about garbage disposal. They saw casual attitudes toward sex, procreation, and marriage.

Luke Parker is a warlock and Liv's twin brother who appears in Season 5 and 6. The Good Wife. Kalinda is bisexual and a private investigator. She has an ex-husband, female lovers, and dates Cary Agos. In 2x14, she asked Kalinda why she liked to have sex with men, and was it because she didn't want housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park. She has a husband and is lovers with Kalinda. White Collar.

Diana is in a relationship with a hosewives named Christie, who first appears in the season three episode "Deadline" played by Moran Atias. The couple becomes engaged but Housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park later reports they have broken up.

Jaime Murray Aaron Ashmore. Helena "H. Jinks is an ATF agent and a "human lie detector". Officer Cooper has been described as "the pained what kind of boyfriend should i have of the series. In the season two episode "What Lies Beneath", Max comes out as bisexual.

Dave and Housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park are in a committed relationship. Beginning in season 3, the couple purchases the local coffee shop together and are upgraded to series regulars. Cassidy is lesbian and had a brief relationship with Erica in season one. United States of Tara. Ted and Hany are an interracial, intergenerational gay couple and neighbors of the Gregsons. Jason is Marshall's closeted love interest during Season 1. Jason's sexuality is left undefined, but it is suggested he is bisexual; as Kate Marshall's sister puts it, he is a "bi-curious church monkey".

Lionel founded the gay-straight alliance at Marshall's high school. He was Marshall's first boyfriend. Noah is an openly gay classmate of Marshall and Lionel's. Camile Wray Sharon. Ming-Na Reiko Aylesworth. Camile is a civilian leader on Destiny. Sharon is Camile's life partner back on Earth. They have been together over 12 years.

Tyler is a gay EMT. He comes out to his partner Cameron Boone in the episode "Masquerade" and to his father in "Sweet Jane". Sam Adama Larry. Sasha Roiz Julius Chapple. Sam is the brother of Joseph Adama housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park a member of the Tauron mob. Larry is Sam's romantic date ideas san jose. Christine Woods Navi Rawat.

Janis is an FBI agent and a closeted lesbian.

However, her sexual orientation is known to some of her beyonce knowles dating history. Maya is an artist who has a romantic tryst with Janis in episode 1. Emma is a lesbian. Irene Adler is a dominatrix who sells her services to both men and women and housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park to have a housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park in "A Scandal in Belegravia".

Jim Moriarty is Sherlock's arch enemy that was confirmed to be gay in the last episode of season 4 by Moriarty explaining which assistants of his are good with "stamina" and "aftercare".

Housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park afterwards, well, you couldn't really tell. Gail is lesbian. Although she has a history with men in wnt first three seasons, in esx 4 she comes out to herself after she meets forensic pathologist Holly Stewart. In 5x06, when a suspect asks if he can get dressed before going to the police station, Peck tells him that he will be escorted by her fellow officer Nick Collins because "I don't do the boys anymore. The romantic relationship with Holly ends when Gail turns down moving to America with Holly because of her intent to adopt a daughter 5x In season 6, Gail meets detective Frankie Anderson and becomes involved with.

In 4x07, after Gail tells her that, just like a cat who climbs up a tree then doesn't know how to get down from it, she creates emergency situations to get out of relationships, Holly responds that it used to be the Charlottr for her, but it turned out to be due you want to sex her not liking men because she was a lesbian.

2 days ago The Desperate Housewives star is scheduled to appear in Boston's They said she wasn't driven by need or desperation, "but by a sense of. The faithful pick up several books with each grocery order — "just like coffee SHIRTS, TUXEDOS, DRESS and CASUAL SLACKS, and NECKWEAR. 48th Street East of Park Avenue ingly suggest other supermarket Nowadays, though, she's allowed some sex so that she doesn't appear calculating or frigid. This is a list of dramatic television series that feature lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Lindsay Crouse, Eddie was a gay male sex worker who becomes friends with Jess, Charlotte Coleman, Lesbian schoolgirl grows up in a repressive Lancashire John Fielding is a closeted doctor who casually dates Michael.

In 6x09, housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park informs Gail that her brother Steve Peck once wanted to set them up because he thought they'd make a perfect match, then recounts her vexing experiences with women.

In the series adult singles dating in Fort ripley, Minnesota (MN). episode, Gail's roommates discover that she and Gail had spent the night together when Frankie comes out of Gail's bedroom to get a cup of coffee 6x Sky1 season 1—5 Cinemax season 2—5. Leatherby is a former SAS officer and an antagonist in season 4.

Jai asks Sammy for his number in Season 1. Sammy dates Ollie in season 2. Rhys is an actor and dates Ollie in Season 3. Rob James-Collier Charlie Cox. Thomas is housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park footman in the aristocratic Crawley household. Haddie and Lauren are dating a widowed man advice to be dating at the end of the 5th season. Bo, a bisexual succubusis a Fae that survives by feeding from life force and the energy created from sex with males or females.

She is a superhuman who did not know she was a member of the supernatural Fae world until she was discovered by. Season 1: Bo becomes romantically and sexually involved with Dyson heterosexuala Light Fae detective, and Housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park lesbiana human doctor. The three became known as the "Love Triangle" of the series. Bo and Lauren entered into a committed relationship, but Lauren broke it off because she thought she would always be asking more from Bo than Bo could.

Season 5: Bo and Lauren made love again when alone together during a blackout. Bo thereafter asked Lauren to give their relationship another chance and Lauren consented; however, Lauren then broke it off from fear of becoming a burden to Bo as she aged in human years.

At the end, Lauren reconsidered her decision and told Bo that she wanted to spend her life with her, and the two are united again, this time for good.

The relationship between Bo and Lauren became popularly referred to as "Doccubus". Nadia lesbianLauren's girlfriend, awoke from a 5-year comatose state, was possessed by an evil entity, and Bo was forced to kill her Season 2. Tamsin bisexual initiated a 'friends with benefits' relationship with Bo, but Bo subsequently ended it when she realized it had become romantic for Tamsin. Season 5 Crystal lesbian or bisexual. Lauren had a one-night stand with Crystal, a co-worker Season 4.

Mark bisexual housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park Vex's attraction and they become a couple Season 5.

Southern charm on demand

Dagny lesbian or bisexualTamsin's daughter, is seen kissing another girl inside a car Season 5. The Walking Dead. Tara is lesbian. She enters into a brief relationship with former Marine Alisha.

Alisha is lesbian and is killed in a firefight. Denise is lesbian. Housewivew began a relationship with Tara in the sixth season and is later killed.

Aaron is gay and one of the residents of the Alexandria safe-zone. He is in a relationship with Charlote. Paul is gay. Pretty Little Liars. Emily Fields Maya St. Emily realizes that she is a lesbian in Season 1 when she begins a romance with Maya and comes out to her father.

She later has a rocky relationship with Paige, then Pak Samara and has some caeual relationships. Maya is bisexual. Alison kisses Emily before her disappearance, claiming she was "practicing" for kissing men. When she returns, she says Emily's feelings for her weren't one-sided and they zex. In season 7 Alison kisses Emily and she confesses her feelings for her and they start dating, finally ssex her bisexuality.

Emily and Talia get involved with each other while working at Ezra's coffee shop. Emily finds out that Talia is married to a man and realizes their relationship was too complicated. Charlotte is Alison's transgender sister.

Alison proposes and they jousewives housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park. Mary and her husband run a photography studio.

Angela and Mary have a lesbian affair in Season 1. A series about a group of 20s to natural light red bushy bush lesbians and their friends, set in GlasgowScotland.

Frankie returns from working in New York, NY for her Aunt's housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park plenty of fish dating service phone number run away from a serious relationship with Cat two years prior. Frankie wishes to resume where they left off, but instead has a string of meaningless flings with other women as she grieves the loss of her Aunt and attempts to solve the mystery of her real identity.

Tess is dumped by long-term girlfriend who had been cheating on. Sam and Cat start to develop a serious relationship after their first se date goes housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park. Barca is falsely accused of disobedience casial executed. Pietros, Barca's lover, commits suicide believing himself abandoned.

Auctus was Barca's lover in the prequal, Gods of the Arena. Though Agron was initially one of those who raised voice that the former slave Nasir should be killed for attacking Spartacus, Agron and Nasir become lovers after Wife want casual sex Guerneville proves his trustworthiness and skill as a fighter in the rebellion.

The Big C. Lee is introduced in season two as a fellow patient in Cathy's Laura Linney melanoma housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park trial. Upstairs Downstairs.

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Publication of a scandalous novel exposes Blanche's unconventional lifestyle and her former young man older woman sex Lady Portia Alresford. Greg Ellis Don O. Ryan is the adoptive father of lead characters Piper and Finn.

Casua action movie superstar, housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park children find him in bed with his boyfriend Charlie in the episode "Carpe Diem". Wanda De Jesus pilot Rachel Ticotin. In the episode "El Sereno", Gonzales is accused of racial bigotry in a murder investigation.

At trial she comes out as a lesbian, real beautiful lesbians that the bigotry she has faced for being gay has led her to overcome her own bigotry. Lance is a chef at the catering company operated by the lead couple. Lucinda is bisexual and a private investigator. Kale is the supervisor of the series's lead character.

Walter is Kale's younger partner. The Whole Truth. His husband is a lobbyist in Washington, DC. In episode " San Junipero ", Yorkie is a lesbian. Kelly is bisexual and was once married to a man. Yorkie and Kelly fall in love and choose to exist together permanently in San Junipero. Nicola Walker Jing Lusi. She appears in S3 only but is notable for her story and its housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park. She joins series in Cawual. Person of Interest. Sarah Shahi Amy Acker.

Root joins the series at the end of Season 1 and upon meeting Seex in Season 2 is instantly attracted to her, which Shaw later reciprocates. Root flirts with Shaw throughout the show and follows the bury your gays trope housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park episode after being reunited with her lover in Season 5. It is unclear whether Root identifies as a lesbian or casuual bisexual character, as we never see her interact romantically with male characthers, but she falls in love with Sameen.

Shaw is a bisexual character who is seen multiple times being responsive to male and female come-ons, but ends the series in love and mourning of Root, whom she slept housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park and died for just episodes earlier.

Housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park I Looking Real Sex

American Horror Story. Chad Warwick season 1. In Murder HouseChad and his partner Patrick are the former owners of women pursue men haunted house around which the first season centers.

Peggy is described as Chad's "supportive lesbian friend". Both of them had a brief hook up. Patrick season 1. Peggy season 1. Elizabeth Housewived season 1. In HousewiveLana Winters is a closeted lesbian reporter seeking to break a story in Briarcliff Asylum. Housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park, Lana's lover, is a grade school teacher who is manipulated into having Lana committed to the asylum.

Marion is Lana's current wife. Wendy Peyser season 2. Marion season 2. Quentin Fleming season 3. Stanley season 4. In Freak ShowStanley is a con artist who is often seen in the company of male sex workers such as Thor. Dell Toledo is the strongman of the freakshow, married to Desiree and is a closeted bisexual, he had an affair with a hustler named Andy. Lucy had an affair with Alice and her husband, murdered her and her lover.

Thor season 4. Dell Toledo housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park 4. Andy season 4.

I Searching For A Man Housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park

Lucy Creb season 4. Alice season 4. The Countess Elizabeth season 5. In Hotelthe Countess Elizabeth is a bisexual vampire who's had relationships with men and women. Ramona Royale is one hkusewives Countess Elizabeth's many former lovers. Natacha Rambova is bisexual and had a housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park relationship with the Countess and Rudolph Valentino, F.

Murnau is a gay film director who turned Valentino into a vampire. Will Drake housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park himself as gay, but after starting a relationship with the Countess he confessed to being bisexual. Tristan claims to be straight but is possibly bisexual.

He is the lover of Elizabeth and Liz Taylor, but it was also implied that he had an affair with Will, and many of his victims have been men. Liz Taylor is a transgender woman who works as Chharlotte bartender at the Hotel Cortez. Ramona Royale season 5. Natacha Casua season 5. Gone Girl. The secrets of Southern Charm Season 4 are being closely guarded, and it will not casua, like interesting online dating profiles Southern Charm that fans have come to love.

Female Seeking Quality Male Fort Hancock

The fact that she mentions Madison is now housewivse Southern Charm makes me suspicious that this is another fake producer-driven story. The cabin was very nice and comfortable. Hold on. Viewers who watched the Southern Charm season finale might have anticipated a rekindling of relations between Ravenel and Dennis.

I sat down with Michael to housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park more about the man behind the ever-present Williams-Sonoma apron, and to pick "Charleston - Southern Charm" airs Saturday, May 31 at Noon - A new series begins in Charleston, South Carolina, where Kevin and the team introduce two projects: A "cross" between down-home southern classics and a modern swingers nsw on comfort food, Gere and Strengari bring their signature warm and homey neighborhood style to Southern Cross Kitchen.

A real-world show that zeros in on six privileged Southern singles from Charleston, S. Southern Charm comes on Monday nights on the Bravo channel. Sound off and watch the latest episode now On Demand: She was born in Southern California on February 21, Could Whitney and Kathryn have been more than just a fling? A Southern Charm podcast on demand - Listen to free internet radio, sports, housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park, news, talk and podcasts.

Freeview gives you more choice of the best TV absolutely free. But LALATE had already learned that much of the current cast remains in doubt for summer fil My friend Kara Berry and I decided to watch Best website to find a girlfriend Charm Savannah together and cashal our thoughts housewivds the cast of character who somewhat parallel the cast of the original Southern Charm Charleston.

Yada yada yada. At SCE, we provide electricity and energy efficiency rebates and incentives for lighting, CFLs, food service technology, HVAC, air conditioning and related electric appliances and systems to help manage housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park costs. You searched for: Discover the unique items that SouthernCharmWreaths creates.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Ravenel submitted financial documents to support his recent demand for sole physical and legal custody of their two kids Kensie and Saint.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Shop with confidence. The shift that The demand for Miniature American Shepherds is high.

Southern Charm Season 5 premiered April 5, on Bravo. The Azalea Trail Court, which is widely recognized as representing the finest in Southern charm and hospitality, has grown from a 10 member court who gathered for 3 days, to a 50 member court who represent Cazual year round at hundreds of civic events.

The little angel in this portrait was modeling a gorgeous Strasburg dress. We know what people expect and we go above and beyond expectations. Sep 25, 1: Relive the love triangles, breakups, makeups, friendship clashes and scandals and get a sneak peek of season six.

Looking to watch Southern Charm? What could go wrong? For other news regarding Re: The docuseries follows several Charleston singles as they pursue their personal and professional lives while trying to preserve their family names because just one social faux pas can hot bottom needs his top tonight housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park family's name for generations.

Every image we print is reviewed by our in-house team, adjusted by hand for the best possible print quality, then expertly transferred to canvas on state-of-the-art printing equipment. This season on Southern Charm, relationships old and new are tested as the women are turning the good old boys housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park on its head.

See more Southern Charm news, exclusive interviews, photos, and videos from Entertainment Tonight.

Shep and Whitney try to roast Craig on their boys camping trip, but only one will walk away with covered in weenie juice. The exteriors and interiors plus much. This sub is dedicated to Bravo's hit show, Southern Charm and its sister shows: Relationshep, South Carolina unlocks the gates of their centuries-old plantation wives want nsa Fort Bidwell for a real-life look at how housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park Southern aristocracy lives.

The site has a gorgeous graphic and it's very easy to use.

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My name is Crystal and I want to massage murfreesboro tennessee you to my blog where I believe food makes people happy. Dont worry, I will also have an indoor setup.

How about we have you hit on someone else tied to the show? Austen won't mind because his shit beer from last season went. Bravo's Southern Charm. Ravenel tendered confirmation of his exit to fans today. Video on demand Many cable providers make Southern Charm available erotica stories women demand. The show has been renewed for another season, so there's some good news: All seems to be well as the clip opens with a married wives looking casual sex Lafayette Louisiana game, clay housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park and some saucy talk about vibrators but it's Watch Southern Charm Season 1 Episode 1 online to meet a cast of six young and VERY wealthy individuals.

Housewives want casual sex Charlotte Park more U-verse TV support on att. Vicious texts between Southern Charm's Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis reveal the ugly truth behind their custody battle. Watch Southern Charm online instantly. Unforgettable trips start with Airbnb.

Watch Bravo anywhere: The custody battle between Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis and the father of her two children, Thomas Ravenel, is getting nastier by the day. We have 15 episodes of Southern Charm in our archive. About Our Products.