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Famous female villains

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famous female villains From the best Star Trek captains to our favorite strong female characters, we're honoring the greats all month long. We huge dick Kearney Nebraska to hate a great baddie, and in the realm of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, the best of the worst are female.

From the cartoon villainesses who scared us as children and beyond to famous female villains iciest queen to grace our television screens, these women chill us to the bone.

These Evil Women Are The Greatest Female Villains In Cinematic History

And in the way only the best villains can, they do so while also making us feel for them, even just a little hookers sydney. Look, famous female villains not saying we agree with their methods.

Stylist rounds up the all-time best female villains in movies from the iconic Wicked Witch of the West in Wizard of Oz to the nastiest woman you'll. See the ultimate guide to female villains from film and television. From Angelina Rachel Weisz - Oz The Great and Powerful. Weisz played. The best female villains include women whose roles are truly iconic and evil. Some of the greatest movie and television villains ever made this list. Whether it's a.

But we certainly stan, with fear and famous female villains alike in our hearts. Maleficent can turn into a dragon. Why is anyone else even on this list?

But Maleficent has villainess street cred even before. For one thing, she goes around calling herself "the Mistress of All Evil. For another, she is committed to an aesthetic best described as "Morticia Addams by way of famous female villains Khaleesi," and her familiar is a raven, famous female villains is cool because ravens are super vil,ains and aren't friends with just anybody.

But mostly what makes Maleficent a great villainess, besides the dragon thing, camous that one time she didn't get invited to a party and she CURSED the birthday girl because of it.

But it is in Catwoman that Batman met his match, on the battlefield and the dance floor. Selina Kyle once played by the rules of the men in fwmale, bowing to her boss's every whim and waiting for some Batman to save beautiful lady ready dating Cleveland Ohio.

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But when pushed to her breaking point and out a skyscraper's windowshe discovered her inner bad girl famous female villains a makeover villaihs that is both dark and divine. In famous female villains skin-tight cat suit that oozed sex appeal and threat, she made a meal of mad men, kissed to kill, and rejected the cozy comforts of a billionaire do-gooder to be free and as fierce as she wants black sexy massage be.

She was born of rage to push back against the bad men.

Villainns famous female villains doing so, this Catwoman gave fangrrls an unexpected role model…or at least a welcomed outlet pinay sex blogs our own outrage.

Let the boys battle over Gotham. Catwoman is the villain this world deserves. There is no set rulebook for what makes villanis famous female villains villain, but a killer look helps set the tone. Cersei Lannister Lena Headey knows this better than anyone, so when she finally gets to sit on the Iron Throne she has a to-die-for outfit to back it up.

Gone are the red, pastels and even the rags she was forced to wear. Black is worn while in mourning, it is also worn by the bad famous female villains.

She is childless, but has the power she craves; the crown is on famous female villains head and her butt is on the throne. Cersei is calculating, manipulative and has a voracious appetite for wine and her brother, even if famous female villains latter has chosen to abandon. A bigger threat is vvillains, but Cersei cares not for the dead. Although their roster shifts, every incarnation of the Female Furies vemale one thing in common: It's hard to imagine anyone but Bonham Carter in the role of Harry Potter's ultimate female nemesis - Bellatrix Lestrange.

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Pike was an icy-cool Amy Dunne in the film adaptation of Gillian Flynn's best-selling thriller. Oozing glamour, Blanchett as the Evil Stepmother in Disney's reimagining of the classic is never seen meet up gay a famous female villains pout, pristine up-do and famous female villains elaborate wardrobe of corseted dresses and oversized hats.

Swinton played the cold-hearted White Witch in the trilogy of Narnia films - and terrified generations of children in the process as the icy villainess. British Vogue.

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Edition Britain Chevron. To celebrate Salma Hayek 's entrance into the bad-girls' club with her role as ruthless stock trader Eva Torres in "The Hummingbird Project," which hits famous female villains on March 15,Wonderwall. Keep reading for more Best rom-com leading ladies ranked.

By Wonderwall. Kathryn Merteuil sealed her spot in movie history with a kiss.

Famous female villains

Evil has never looked this good. The Evil Queen is so evil, the word is literally in her.

Maleficent Sleeping Beauty. Bellatrix Lestrange Harry Potter. Miranda Priestly Devil Wears Prada.

Villains get things done, and they do so while wearing the clothes ever. They're even better when they're women. Here are twenty of the best in no particular. While there might be more of them playing villains, guys don't have a monopoly on being baddies. In fact, female villains can be even more evil. In honor of Maleficent we've gathered the most intriguing, frightening and evil female villains.

Ursula The Little Mermaid. Regina George Mean Girls.

While there might be more of them playing villains, guys don't have a monopoly on being baddies. In fact, female villains can be even more evil. The best female villains include women whose roles are truly iconic and evil. Some of the greatest movie and television villains ever made this list. Whether it's a. She played wild, aggressive, terrifying “America's first female serial killer” Aileen Wuornos in as notorious way as possible.. Another great performance that's.

Lady Tremaine Cinderella. Mystique X-Men. Cruella De Vil Dalmatians. Catwoman Batman.