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Their design and size are almost identical, and only a close examination reveals slight shade differences between the blue, yellow, and red vertical stripes.

The two came from totally different backgrounds. The Romanian flag dates frombased on earlier versions with horizontal stripes. The flag of Chad was first hoisted in after the country had achieved independence from France.

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Its original design had a green stripe, but it too closely resembled the flag of Mali, so the blue stripe was substituted. Andorra has a similar flag as well, but it is distinguished by its centrally placed coat of arms.

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These two flags share the same dimensions and basic green-yellow-red design of the vertical stripes, although there are slight shade differences in the colors.

Guinea also has a similar flag, although its stripes are reversed, red-yellow-green. Both flags date back hundreds of years.

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Also similar to these two is the flag of Poland, although its stripes are reversed, white over red. Both flags are based on the British Blue Ensign blue field with a Union Jack in the canton, or top inner corner and feature a stylized version of the Southern Cross forr.

However, they differ in several ways: Nonetheless, the design similarities are one of the reasons why New Zealanders have considered wind gap PA adult personals their flag.

The two flags are somewhat less alike than those mentioned above, but their shared design of green, white, and orange vertical stripes can be confusing. The difference country type looking for same that the green stripe on the Irish flag is on the hoist side part of the flag closest to the flagpole.

The flag for each of these countries boasts an identical design but with the colors reversed.

Both have their origins in the Danish flag, with its red field and white Scandinavian Cross. A flag of unequal yellow, blue, and red horizontal stripes was adopted by the new country of Gran Colombia in Those of Colombia and Ecuador retain the country type looking for same yellow stripe, while that of Venezuela has stripes of equal size.

The Venezuelan flag is also distinguished by an arc of stars in its center country type looking for same by the national coat of arms in the upper hoist corner. The Dutch began using a red, white, and blue horizontally striped flag in the midth century, fir red being a substitution for the original orange stripe.

Looking for country statistics? NationMaster gives access to market sizing and trends across industry verticals and a global coverage. If you're going to move to a new country for a job, make sure it's not just a good “Remember that, depending on which type of work visa you have, you may have to You often cannot look for a job elsewhere after you arrive,” explains Katie wouldn't have to pay U.S. taxes for the same work up to a certain threshold of. I Look For Sex Dating Country type looking for same.

This flag became the inspiration for the vertically striped French Tricolor after the French Revolution in Although Luxembourg lies close to the Netherlands, its flag was not derived from the Dutch flag but was developed independently.

Forr white-blue-red horizontally striped Russian flag dates to the end of the 17th century and was modeled on the Dutch country type looking for same.

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It, in turn, inspired the flag design for many countries of eastern and southern Europe. Flags that are variations on the Russian model include those of Croatia and Serbia, which both use a red-blue-white horizontal stripe pattern. Written By: Kenneth Pletcher.

Usually people country type looking for same tell which flag belongs to which country, especially given the prominence of flags at international sporting events, such as the World Cup and the Olympics. Sometimes, however, confusion can arise when two typw more flags closely resemble each.

Here are nine sets of flags that exhibit varying degrees of similarity.

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